Creating is YOUR Birthright!

5159_SUPERMOM3 (1)Have you created the person you want to become? You know that you were created by the Creator and one of your birthright is to create. So the person you are right now, is this the person you want to have created? Or would you like to create a different person? Because guess what? It’s a new day! You can create something totally different today than what you walked into yesterday. So I also asked myself these questions: “Is this the Nicole you wanted to be? Or is there another Nicole you want to become? What do I want? What are my desires? How do I want to see myself in five years? Or am I still living in the past? Am I still living as Nicole at 13 years old, who had a baby and gave birth at 14? Am I still living as that Nicole? Am I still living with a mindset that I had when I was in my younger years?” So it’s something for you to think about. I want you to breathe in this new day. I want you to inhale this new day — the NEW DAY which you have the responsibility to create, and in the manner in which you want to create it. We can’t always have excuses and blame everyone else for mishaps and for things that are going wrong in our lives, when we ourselves are the creator. Again, I want to ask you: Did you create your new day, today?

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