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Participants will become equipped with the necessary tools to start their own business, enhance an existing business, and complete a business plan.  

Each participant will investigate strengths and weaknesses utilizing various assessment tools, learn the different facets to becoming an entrepreneur and discover best practices for running and promoting a business.

Participants will develop a complete business plan that includes a rationale for a given product or business, evidence of market, competitive position, financial potential, and the characteristics of team members.  Each participant tailor a business plan to correspond with his/her business interests.  During this course, students work independently, and with the benefit of classroom instruction.



  1. Determine feasibility of their business
  2. Learn what is needed to start a business
  3. Discuss marketing methods and advertising techniques
  4. Review financial statements
  5. Learn the value of Industry, Market, and Customer analysis research methods
  6. Understand the importance of knowing the keys to business success
  7. Create a business plan


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